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We are BRAZIL FIELD - a full service market research company in Brazil, offering quali and quanti services for over 20 years.

Established in 1997 in the city of São Paulo, affiliated to ESOMAR and to several other market associations, we work on a wide range of market research techniques, covering all the Brazilian market and main cities of Latin America. The company offers appropriate tools to drive the secure decision making process and assure the implementation of strategies with total security.

BRAZIL FIELD, despite covering all the stages of a research study, has as its core expertise the conduction of fieldwork and data processing and analysis, always ready to attend to its clients, working with QUALITATIVE and QUANTITATIVE studies.

Main brands we supply services to
São Paulo
Alameda Barao de Limeira, 660 - Conjunto 903 - Campos Eliseos, São Paulo - SP - BRASIL
Rua Amarela, 15 - Fátima
Fortaleza - CE - BRASIL