Cristiano Queiroz


Cristiano is a father a lover of movies, TV series and sports. He graduated in Accounting and Technical Labor Safety. For years, he’s career has been dedicated to the Industry sector.

He worked in the Footwear Industry, known for the high degree of standardization, also providing services to McDonald's as a technician, where he had contact with the administration of standard in series, being responsible for controlling losses, costs, adjustments related to personnel, etc. Cristiano has always been linked to the production process, from the start to the delivery of the final product / service to customers.

After studying and specializing in TI management, he joined BRAZIL FIELD in 2007 as leader of the data processing team, operating systems, databases, networks, monitoring backup solutions, virtualization, security of information, inventory, among others.

His favorite quote is: “In God we trust. All others must bring data”.