Salete Silva


Salete is married and mother of a beautiful little girl named Diana. She’s passionate for martial arts and is a loving practitioner of Karate-Do. Her first professional experience in life was in Dramatic Art, acting as a professional actress for several years.

She’s also graduated in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing. Salete works with market research and opinion polling since 1983. For years has been affiliated to ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) and ASBPM (Brazilian Association of Market Research, Opinion and Media Companies). She was director of ASBPM in the periods of 2010-2012 and 2012-2014.

Salete lived for one year in Buenos Aires - Argentina, there managing projects in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Central America and Mexico.

In 2003 she competed with 25 international companies in an international bid, being the winner to conduct a national projection project in all Brazilian states and 432 municipalities for the World Bank. In 2004 she was again at the World Bank to conduct new B2B research.

Salete has experience in analysis, presentation of results, customer service and production processes of qualitative and quantitative studies. As Executive Director and founder of BRAZIL FIELD, she’s a skilled executive, accustomed to directing research projects throughout Brazil and Latin America.

Before founding her own research institute, Salete provided services to the largest companies in Brazilian research, including: current Indicator GFK, Ibope, Data-Folha, RI - Research International, CBPA AC Nielsen, among others. She directs her company with global vision and avant-garde demeanor, always focused on customer satisfaction.

Her favorite quote is: "If a man, in order to do things, did it with such perfection that no other found some flaw, this man would nothing do".