Tiago Sobreira


Passionate for art, film, culture, languages ​​and traveling (to the farther, the better ...), Tiago, not by chance, chose to be BA in International Relations – by University of Brasilia. He is the youngest of four children and manages his time amidst his studies on Law, Statistics and Marketing, focusing in Qualitative Research. With so many interests, he does take time to laughter among friends and in the midst of his great Northeastern family.

Tiago is responsible for internal control of the projects, qualitative and quantitative, conducted by BRAZIL FIELD. He’s also the key person to consolidate partnerships with research and marketing institutions, being the first person of contact when new national and international clients require further knowledge about the company. His effective and watchful-eye communication makes Tiago our main "communicator" and consequent project manager when fieldwork is in progress.

He worked for MDIC (Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade), for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and for the Permanent Mission of Brazil at the World Trade Organization, offering technical expertise to the negotiations on services. 

Tiago consolidated his international experience working twice in the US, where he could also meet people from so many different nationalities and had his first professional contacts with people from all over the world.

His favorite quote is "FAITH is the assurance of things that are hoped, and the evidence of things yet not seen".