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Field Supervisors: All projects conducted outside the premises of the company, in other cities in Brazil or elsewhere in Latin America, are accompanied by BRAZIL FIELD supervisors to ensure that the research methodology is applied uniformly across all fields.

Interviewers: 2500 names registered in our software BRAZIL FIELD Operator, which optimizes the production process by allowing the selection of interviewers by the type of work they have best performance. In order to be an interviewer in BRAZIL FIELD, it’s is necessary at least undergraduation of any sort, being university student or at least completed high school studies.

[Treinamento de Entrevistadores]

1. Supplying of a database that allows us to work on recruitment, team management, target an audience location, among other attributes to conduct projects and surveys throughout Brazil.

2. Local partners in all major Brazilian cities and other Latin American countries.

3. Trained and qualified professionals able to verify, later or simultaneously, the precise application of all questionnaires and suitability of respondent screening data to all sample variables defined in the survey.

4. Elaboration of a consistency checking plan for each type of questionnaire, detecting any systematic error during collection of data, ensuring the quality standards necessary for the study.

5. Back-up of all information generated, received or sent daily by the company, either through the Internet, cloud, or any other data storage models.

6. 100% of recruited participants for qualitative studies are checked and registered in the quality control recruitment data-base of ABEP – Brazilian Association of Market Research Companies.

7. 100% of quantitative questionnaires are verified and re-checked, as well as entered with later re-entry checking.