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BRAZIL FIELD is founded in São Paulo by professionals involved with market research since 1984 and starts to resonate its voice around Brazil.


The victories in green and yellow come in less than a year, to the four corners of the country and to the world, and the company doubles the amount of national and international projects approved.


Due to significant growth, BRAZIL FIELD expands its area of operations in quantitative and qualitative research, with a team of 76 Brazilians brave and excited researchers to carry out an effective and quality work.


The voice of BRAZIL FIELD is established on foreign soil and the company sets up its international department to meet the demands of international clients, solidifying itself as a Brazilian company with high EXPERTISE in field and database Preparation for large Global Institutes.


To better hear the Brazilians that enrich the company's day-to-day work, BRAZIL FIELD begins the decentralization of functional areas with the creation of offices in the Northeast and South of Brazil.


For its appetite for achievements, BRAZIL FIELD conducts research to introduce the fast food chain Burger King in Brazil. In the same period, new initiatives lead the firm to provide assistance to institutes, independent professionals and international agencies. Loyalty of partners becomes so widespread that the company’s executives go to get training often abroad to learn specific techniques to study customers.


Yes, we have got talent: BRAZIL FIELD participates in an international bid with 25 companies in the world to conduct the project Investment Climate Survey in Brazil. Its executives go to Washigton DC to present their proposal, and BRAZIL FIELD is the winner. The study is conducted with key executives of Brazilian industries in 1,652 companies, 13 states and 422 municipalities in Brazil, fully meeting the needs of the World Bank analysts.


After English, the company begins to “hablar españo”l: BRAZIL FIELD, at the request of customers, expands to cover all of Latin America, especially in CATI projects.


Decentralization of BRAZIL FIELD is consolidated and the company now has offices in major Brazilian centers such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Salvador and Fortaleza. It remains a solid company and its professional management increasingly boost the Brazilian way of doing quality research.


Because of the success achieved in 2003, the company was again chosen to carry out a new project in partnership with the World Bank. BRAZIL FIELD continues to grow in business with major international customers. In a splendid and green and yellow development, the company leads the field in several projects, putting its expertise about the Brazilian people to draw more appropriate projects to the reality of Brazil.


The foreign market finally recognizes BRAZIL FIELD excellence and the company develops major projects for brands such as Bosch, Honda, L'Oreal, Extra, Colgate, Unilever, Nestle, Itaú, McDonald's, Carrefour, among others.


The implementation on the financial market studies is consolidated. The institutes, independent professionals and international agencies continue to request the development and operation of major projects in Brazil and Latin America.


Another project with the World Bank is approved. Believing more and more in the richness of the brave Brazilian people to produce a quality market research, the growing number of projects with global institutions and international independent professionals make BRAZIL FIELD determine these clients as their primary "focus".


The relationship with the “hermanos” intensifies and a project for Bosch is developed in four different Latin American countries. At the same time, the wealth of Brazilian minds stands out amid the work of BRAZIL FIELD and the company stands out for the large number of qualitative studies, especially ethnographic, in major Brazilian cities. Here it’s rounding up 10 years of international operations of BRAZIL FIELD.


BRAZIL FIELD approves a high volume of projects per year in Brazil and CATI studies in Latin America. Its complicity with international institutes, independent professionals and large organizations makes BRAZIL FIELD a resounding business success. The company keeps on growing, creating loyal customers that often indicate BRAZIL FIELD to other companies.

2012 - Now

By definitely embracing the culture of development planned in line with the nation's appreciation for the foreign market and in view of the various customer expectations, BRAZIL FIELD continues its success and walks humbly and successful alongside its main target: our partners.